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Review MiniSquadron!

Sergei Petrov
MiniSquadron! - Is an incredible mix of arcade and action in one game for Android, which managed to win the prestigious award at the end of 2011, and get into the Top 100 best games for the iPhone. In this game we will be flying in a plane, performed virtuoso stunts and shoot enemy fighters.
The developer of the game is a little-known studio Gray Fin, which until then had only made one not too happy about ATV racing simulator.

Management and geimpley

Fights take place with a side view, and we are managing a single plane, which can guide completely to either side. Control the aircraft in flight to the left circle with the joystick and shoot using the button, which is located in the lower right corner.
The main feature of the game is to tricks. The whole gameplay is built on difficult turns, we can prodelyvat. For example, for our enemy is flying, we're going up, commit a coup and now we shoot it, while at the rear.
The game consists of many levels (waves), each of which becomes more difficult earlier. Before we finally shot down, we can withstand about 4-7 hits, and then begin to decline past lives (hearts in the corner of the screen).

Features MiniSquadron for Android:

  • Interesting control mechanism;
  • Nice graphics and animation;
  • More than 50 aircraft to choose from;
  • 7 choices of weapons (lasers, missiles, etc.);
  • 8 different levels (each consisting of 10-15 waves);
  • The ability to play with friends on Wi-Fi.
A separate line would like to mention the sound. Developers do not have to invent anything new, but simply added to the game's most popular classical compositions. High and unpredictable dynamics of the game, hundreds of shots, turns, and all this under the quiet melodies of Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi - the perfect combination.
Despite the simplicity of the process, the game does not get tired, especially because the opponents have a good enough virtual intelligence, and catch them on sight is very difficult. In any case, if you still played enough to MiniSquadron, be sure to try the Sky Gamblers , which sells almost the same geimpley (bends, shooting), but all the action is already in 3D.


MiniSquadron - is a fascinating and unusual action-arcade game for Android, which takes its geimpleem thoughtful and original idea. You can try out the game in the free version with the first few levels, and if you like it, then buy full for 95 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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