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Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play
Kitty Play

Review Kitty Play

Kevin Vadala
Good amount of wall papers
Misleading categories, software advertises for other apps
Kitty Play EX for Android is an app that gives you a variety of different wallpapers, live wallpapers, icons, themes, tools/widgets, fonts, ringtones, and emoticons. Basically, if there’s something about your Android phone that you want looking or sounding different, Kitty Play EX attempts to make it accessible and downloadable through their app. While it definitely doesn’t have the ringtone and notification resources that Zedge has, it does have a lot of backgrounds and different options for you to try out on your phone.
Like a lot of launchers on the app store, Kitty Play has different themes and icons available for you to try out. But it's a little misleading, because at the end of the day, Kitty Play is only advertising these different themes and icons from the play store into their app. For example, you can see “Go Launcher” available in the theme section, but when you go to download the “theme” it just takes you directly into the store to download that launcher. You can expect the exact same thing when it comes to the icon packs. In fact, the only things that the app has natively is the backgrounds and sounds; which, to be honest, should be the only thing it really claims to have (which makes it inferior to Zedge as well).
Kitty Play EX is an app that tries to have a bunch of things but really only has things other apps of the same kind have. There’s plenty of holiday backgrounds to install and search through, but you can’t expect the app to have niche backgrounds available for sounds. You can find all of the mainstream sounds and songs to make as your ring tones, but I couldn’t find very specific sounds and notifications inside the app which was disappointing. The app is fairly easy to use however, so if you are in the market for changing your background, you might consider this app.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 6/10
Design 7/10
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