Dynamite Fishing – World Games
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Dynamite Fishing – World Games
Dynamite Fishing – World Games
Dynamite Fishing – World Games
Dynamite Fishing – World Games
Dynamite Fishing – World Games

Review Dynamite Fishing – World Games

Kevin Vadala
Funny premise and gameplay
Theme is a little overkill, repetitive gameplay
Dynamite Fishing - World Games for Android is an intensely-themed redneck game where you toss dynamite into the river to catch fish. In the game you’ll end up blowing lots of fish into the water where you will collect them to earn points. There are also various power ups to make catching fish easier, like squirrels strapped to dynamite. Needless to say, the game makes fun of fishing and the environment in a way that tries very hard to be funny.
The controls in the game are interesting. You control your boat similar to other platformers where you can move it around and jump in the air. But in this game, you also have controls that toss dynamite in the water - directly down, or to the side with a larger distance. You have to drop the dynamite directly onto the fish to blow them up (or at least in a reasonable radius) and then scoot over the water and pick them up dead to get points. Every so often you’ll see someone in the background doing the exact same thing as you (this is called your competitor, who adds a somewhat unnecessary element of pressure to do well. What, score isn’t enough?).
Overall, the game isn’t too complicated. It has the same sort of arcade feel that is so popular in this type of overly-simple cartoon mobile games (the graphics feel very caricaturist, and are for the most part standard fare).
Dynamite Fishing - World Games is a unique arcade-style game where you collect dead fish, blown up from the many pounds dynamite you throw into the river.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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