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C Notice
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C Notice

Review C Notice

Kevin Vadala
Looks neat and clean
Not very useful, notification apps are a dime a dozen
C Notice for Android is an alternative notification solution that has your notifications appear on the side of the screen instead of in your notification panel. Each of the notifications has an icon that previews the type of notification. For example, a hangout message includes a picture of the person you received the message from. While I didn’t find C Notice particularly revolutionary or even useful, I could see it appealing to people who are a fan of the aesthetic value and the different feel that the app provides.
While I said I didn’t find C Notice really that useful, it does have some use. You can see all of your notifications on the side of your screen in an easy and intuitive way, that actually looks very good. You can touch notifications like this, dismiss them, or even get taken to the app from the little bubbles. These bubbles work for anything from texts, calls, emails, or other sorts of notifications. They also can have different colors, and there are customization options available in the app. You can even see the notifications on your lock screen.
Overall, in terms of notifications, it just kind of depends on where you want them. You can’t do much more with this app than you could if you just took the time to drag down the notification panel. A lot of these apps aren’t really powerful enough, or good enough, to replace that main function; so they end up feeling like unnecessary, if nice looking (in the case of C Notice), quirks.
C Notice is an alternative notification system that utilizes bubbles that look great and work fairly well. It’ s just that there isn’t anything truly important being done here to spend a lot of time on.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 6/10
Design 6/10
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