Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Review Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Brandon Girod
Enticing air combat, campaigns are inspired by real missions from wwii, gorgeous graphics and flawless performance
The distance that you fight at is sometimes hard to do on a small screen
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders for Android is a flight combat game that revolves around old WWII campaigns. You’ll fly several aircraft modeled to the specs of WWII planes over the pacific and eastern front campaigns. Fight, defend, and liberate your way to victory.
I was kind of blown away when I first opened this game on my HTC M8. I’ve played a ton of good looking games, but this one really did rival games you’d expect to play on your PC or console. Probably not as high resolution, especially since my screen is only 5 inches, but impressive nonetheless.
The gameplay and controls are awesome. When you first get started you’re prompted with five different control schemes and an auto-aim feature. I am a PC gamer and can’t stand aim assist in games. But when you’re playing with an accelerometer, it’s really awesome. I felt that some of the flying was a bit wonky because it’s not inverted, but I was able to get used to everything relatively quickly and was shooting down fighters and bombers in no time.
There is a ton of content to get through and multiple fronts you can fight on. There’s online play, survival, a campaign, and tons of other gameplay modes that will keep you playing for a while.
Since the game is a dollar to play, there’s no ads or in-app purchases either. You unlock planes as you play, and fly what’s relevant to the campaign mission you’re playing.
I found performance to be buttery smooth, which was equally impressive considering the already great graphics. I play games sporting the pixelated retro art that run badly, and then play this, and just wonder what the other games are doing. You can tell these devs know how to code and care about their game.
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is more than worthy of your dollar, and is probably one of the few mobile games with enough content to keep you playing for hours. There’s a true skill ceiling to hit, and tons of features and gameplay options. A definite buy if you’re into flight combat.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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Maxim27 Dec 2014, at 15:41Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
Cool app
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