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Snowboard Party
Snowboard Party
Snowboard Party
Snowboard Party

Review Snowboard Party

Kevin Vadala
Fun controls and game feel, great maps and ramps
Graphics feel a little boring
Snowboard Party for Android is a snowboarding trick game that provides a fun and lively experience. With this game you won’t encounter any unknown and revolutionary tricks to the board, or see any particularly breathtaking sights on the slopes. But you will have a good time spinning, grabbing, and flipping around on the variety of ramps, rails, and half pipes that the variety of different levels and modes provide.
The game doesn’t feel like a cheap snowboard experience. Then again, it doesn’t feel like the most technical experience ever (which is actually good for playing on your phone). There are plenty of obstacles on the maps to avoid or launch off of, and if you hit a really bad angle you will fall. I found that the angling is very generous and very satisfying overall to land tricks with.
You can do grabs, and different variations of grabs along with spins and flips. I would have liked to see more complicated tricks, but the controls work very well here. You can do different tricks very simply with two buttons, and then control your movement with the left joystick. There is also a button to control your momentum and “pop”.
Snowboard Party looks good in terms of its graphical value. The slopes are mostly plain white as to be expected (but there are a lot of objects on the maps, like snow plowers, to make things feel more realistic). Your character, while not exactly the most detailed, does have the basic look of a snowboarder down good. Overall, Snowboard Party is an excellent snowboarding entry into the genre and one that feels complete.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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