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DropTask - Visual To Do List

DropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do ListDropTask - Visual To Do List


Vlad Popa
Posted: Vlad PopaTested 22 Jun 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7

Excellent task manager
Great productivity tool, brilliant interface, easy to learn

DropTask – Visual To-Do List provides a powerful, graphic interface for creating solo or collective tasks in a productive manner using simple controls. At first glance, one cannot help but notice the similarities between it and the Trello app, yet at after an in-depth look the true power behind the app becomes apparent.
Through the app, users can use the visual interface to boost productivity by creating tasks and groups of tasks for their project that can be assigned to members of the project, once they have been invited. Inviting someone to work on your project is as simple as inputting the email address they used to sign up for a DropTask account (yes it does require an account). Advanced logs keep track of every action taken on the project, and through the use of notifications every user is kept up to date on the progress.
Visually and practically the app is a work of art. Its stunning interface is beautiful and fits in perfectly with the newer versions of Android, but also manage to deliver a wonderfully fluid and intuitive experience, for the most part. Unfortunately the visual interface, which also happens to be the app’s main and most amazing feature, used to actually create and structure the tasks is somewhat intensive and becomes prone to crashes and freezes, at least on my devices; yet for all other screens the app worked flawlessly.
Overall DropTask – Visual To-Do List is an elegant way to get things done, albeit in my experience it has been much too buggy to be in the least bit useful in practice. For me the app had a tendency to freeze, crash or become stuck when using multiple groups and tasks and upon a restart none of the information was saved to my account. This is not to say that this is a general experience with the app, but rather an informative message.
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 10/10
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