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Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Monster Dash

Review Monster Dash

Brandon Girod
Challenging and fast-paced gameplay, great looking visuals, has cool gaming and pop culture references
Force crashes frequently, suffers from frame rate issues and stuttering
Monster Dash for Android is an endless runner that takes the character of Age of Zombies and flips his world, uh, sideways. No longer a top-down shooter, instead you’re strolling around in a new side-scrolling world dispatching zombies, yetis, and anything else getting in your way.
Once the action stops, it doesn’t stop. Until you die, of course. There are two buttons: jump and shoot. Your character, Barry Steakfries, runs constantly, and the further you get the faster he runs. Occasionally you’ll run over a box which prompts your character to jump on his chopper and rollover everything.
The gameplay is really fun, but there are a ton of things that just bring it down. It’s a game I want to love, but can’t. Let’s start off with how bad the world generates enemies. You can only fire immediately in front of you, and at very short ranges in the beginning. You’ve got one jump, too. With these limited tools you’re confronted with hordes of zombies and obstacles that are impossible to clear perfectly because of how awkwardly they pop in.
The game also stutters quite a bit and suffers from sections that completely slow down to almost a crawl. That’s before you start running into the constant force-crashes. After I would complete a run, the game would crash, and I’d have to boot it up again. There’s definitely a fun game here, but it’s buried underneath a ton of bugs.
Monster Dash has a ton of potential. It’s even got an awesome throwback to the Ghostbusters. But it’s hard to forgive the glaring design flaws and poor programming that hinder the experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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