Stickman Roof Runner
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Stickman Roof Runner
Stickman Roof Runner
Stickman Roof Runner
Stickman Roof Runner

Review Stickman Roof Runner

Ollie Green
Unusual game design, addictive game play, simple controls, ads can be disabled
Too many ads
Stickman Roof Runner for Android is a fast-paced endless runner game that gets you jumping across roof tops at high speeds. There is a simple set of controls that is surprisingly difficult to master, and players must carefully use these controls to jump gaps between each roof they run across.
In this game, your character will automatically run across the level, and it is your job to time jumps as he nears the edge of each building he is running across. Holding down on the screen will make your character continue to rise higher into the air, whilst letting go will make him fall back down.
The interesting thing about this game is that your character will fall down relative to the same speed it took him to reach a certain point in the air. This means that there is a pretty consistent jumping curve that can be learned to use to your advantage. In some areas, you will need to jump across small gaps in quick succession, and this is where all of your knowledge about jumping will be most important.
The graphics in this game are probably the best you are going to get for a game that is designed to be as graphically simplistic as possible, and the in-game sounds aren't too bad either.
Stickman Roof Runner is completely free to download, although there are 10 second video ads, along with pop-up ads, that can be quite frustrating. You can watch two videos each time you play to remove ads completely for a two hour period though, which is quite a nice feature. A further $1 can remove ads forever.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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