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Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay

Review Beastie Bay

Kevin Vadala
Fans of other kairosoft games will find much familiar here
Tutorials need work
Beastie Bay for Android is another simulator game from Kairosoft. In this game, you do similar things as in other Kairosoft simulator games. Each one has a small little twist, and this time theres a monster training element involved. Besides that, it’s your usual build up a base and get an understanding of the menus kind of gameplay. If you are a fan of the other Kairosoft games you might find more similar gameplay here that can draw you in with a slight twist. Or f you aren’t a fan of other Kairosoft games, you won’t find much different here to draw you in.
I've never liked the look of the Kairosoft games very much. In particular, I haven't liked the newer games that proliferate the App Store. Each one feels very similar in that it has basic simulation mechanics, that feel similar to base building, with just a little bit more freedom involved; and of course micromanaging area management. If a game has so much in common with other games in terms of graphical value, menus, and even look - it really can’t be that different, can it?
Well the way I see it is that Kairosoft puts all of these games out with a very similar engine and model. Make something about it worth a download for fans of Kairosoft and then push it out and make a lot of money of it. The games take a lot of time investment and micromanagement in order to feel rewarded. In this game you can control creatures, but most of the game is about building shops and earning currency.
Beastie Bay will appeal to fans of other Kairosoft games. But the cluttered UI and overall controls are just as lackluster as other very similar entries.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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