Clash of Mafias
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Clash of Mafias
Clash of Mafias
Clash of Mafias
Clash of Mafias

Review Clash of Mafias

Ollie Green
Quality soundtrack, quality graphics, interesting plot, dynamic game play
In-app purchases
Clash of Mafias for Android is a strategy game that is based on the city-builder genre. If you've ever played Clash of Clans or Star Wars Commander, then you'll be familiar with this game, as it has the same avenue of gameplay.
Fortunately, this game does do enough to make things a bit more exciting than any other run-of-the-mill city-builder. The concept behind this game is quite unusual. You are a mafia leader, in control of an area of territory in an inner city. Other mafia bosses will have control of different areas, and you can fight them to increase the size of your own territory.
When you fight a mafia boss, you will be taken to a fight screen where you will be able to strategically place your troops into the battle zone. Once the troops are in the battle zone, they will head towards the enemy base and attack the buildings. If your troops manage to destroy all of the buildings and defenses without dying, you will take the territory. There is only a limited amount of territory you can take at the beginning, but once you have done this more places will be opened up to you.
Unfortunately, this game is filled with too many opportunities for the developers to ask for cash from you, but if you can deal with the abundance of in-app purchases, you'll find that this app is a highly detailed with a very interesting backstory. There are definitely hundreds of hours of potential gameplay to get through if you're interested.
Clash of Mafias is free to play, although there are ads and in-app purchases.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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