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Brandon Girod
Good visuals and style, gameplay mechanics that are easy to understand and difficult to master
No way to quick restart a level, no way to select other levels
Golfinity for Android is a highly addictive putt-putt game. So addictive in fact, that I lost several hours of my day with it. The app is incredibly simple, but that’s probably one if its biggest selling factors. See, there are no options, nothing to unlock, and nothing to really explore except how many levels in you can get.
When you launch the app, you get short title screen, and then it throws you right into your first course. It’s just the level, which is made up largely of one color, and is pressed against a dull gray background. There are no tutorials, no stars to get; just your own motivation to do well.
Each course is a 3 par, and I found that this was mostly obtainable. But some later levels require you to make good use of the surrounding terrain. The controls are intuitive enough. You press and hold to initiate the putt. From there you can pull it back for power, which then presents you a power marker, and you can direct it where you want to go.
I honestly have no idea what about this game I found to be so addictive. I think it was the no-nonsense approach. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, nothing intrusive. It’s just a good mobile concept that is actually implemented in a great way.
Golfinity is a game that is perfect for your phone. It doesn’t try to weigh you down with a generic story you’ll never care about. Nor does it convolute its formula by making the game seem like a grind simply because you’re waiting for timers before you can do anything else. It’s just a fun game with good style.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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