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Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy
Bungee Mummy

Review Bungee Mummy

Vlad Popa
Can be played without in-app purchases, decent game play, simple controls, ads can be disabled
A potentially great, yet unexplored story, inconvenient to play on a small screen
Bungee Mummy for Android is an Ancient Egypt themed physics platformer game that places users in the bandages of a mummy who’s only means of getting around, is to latch its bandages onto objects and swing, catapult, or drop to their destination.
Each level must be travelled from start to finish by using the mummy’s bandages, with several puzzles and plenty of obstacles that must be overcome in each level. Tapping on the screen will send a bandage shooting in that direction, sticking to any surface it touches. At any time only two bandages can be attached to a surface, with a third available to let users grab movable objects and drag them along. Players can cut any bandage they need by swiping a line over them, or can catapult the mummy by creating a slingshot out of the bandages and pulling back on the character. Each level brings something new to the table, from falling boulders to magic platforms that float the mummy in a certain direction.
During the course of the game players can acquire a large number of scarabs, which act as currency, and can be used in turn to purchase amusing power-ups and comic skins for the main character.
Overall Bungee Mummy is quite an amusing physics game. Think a Spider-Man platformer, only with a mummy as the hero, and wrappings instead of webs. It can offer plenty of enjoyments, while letting users choose if they wish to resort to in-app purchases in order to acquire extra scarabs or not. The game does have the occasional ad screen every few levels, yet they are so far apart that they fail to be a burden to the user.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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