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Cat Story
Cat Story
Cat Story
Cat Story
Cat Story
Cat Story
Cat Story

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Vlad Popa
Amusing characters, no ads
Boring game play, low quality graphics, difficult to play without in-app purchases
Cat Story for Android is a game that capitalizes on the popularity of two things: adorable fluffy animals, and the increasing popularity of freemium games.
The game revolves around building an island haven for a group of felines in the aftermath of a hurricane by gathering resources and building up a town with a booming economy. As the player’s town starts to grow, more and more characters and missions will become available, leading to even greater and more amusing buildings that generate different types of resources. Each resource has its own use, from construction materials to energy for clearing out obstacles. Each of these is in tune with the overall cat theme, so expect to be gathering lots of fish, milk and chowder for our felines.
The graphics are underwhelming, when taking a look at some of the brilliantly animated competitors, though character design is a step up. Each of our feline friends has his or her own personalized look, in theme with their personality.
Overall, Cat Story is a rather generic freemium time or money sink that does little to innovate or set itself out from the crowd, but somehow still manages to get players hooked and provide some enjoyment. Even from the start, the player will find that long waiting times and a heavy reliance on in-app purchases are just part of the game’s flow. While you would expect resources to be scarce on an island in the wake of a hurricane, the long downtime between actions is a definite turn off. While most competitor games chose to offer a small amount of content with little to no downtime, and cheap resource costs, that is not the case here as the player will be almost immediately resource starved.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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Lashawn king
Love this game
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