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Dream House Days
Dream House Days
Dream House Days
Dream House Days
Dream House Days
Dream House Days
Dream House Days

Review Dream House Days

Kevin Vadala
Complex systems and content
Tutorials suck, graphically lags and doesn't look great
Dream House Days for Android is another simulation game from Kairosoft. Kairosoft are known for creating easy to play simulation games that are addictive and long-lasting. Unfortunately, this time the game feels overly complicated without a lot of polish.
The premise of the game is very endearing and interesting. It is almost one of those games that advertises to do a bit of everything. In the game you can create houses, manage relationships, set up houses, make dream homes - well, the list continues. You get the point.
While all of these things can certainly be done, the game just feels crowded and complicated as a result. The menus in the game aren’t explained well, and they don’t particularly stand out. (It doesn’t help that there is also an ad on the bottom that clutters things up). The only tutorial option is 30 some pages of text that isn’t interactive. There are some built-in guides within the game, but they feel clunky and mostly leave you to figure the game out for yourself. The game also feels like it was built for PC, as the it has a top down viewing angle to view a lot of content on a small screen, which often results in you having to zoom out and use awkward angles. It's cool that the game has some deep customization options that let you organize furniture and create rooms (similar to The SIMS) with various rotation controls and movement mechanics. But it doesn’t ever really feel intuitive or fun, despite the fact that these things can be accomplished. Suffice to say, in the game you use a mouse as a pointer which makes me feel even more like this game was designed to be a computer game.
Dream House Days by Kairosoft is missing a lot of polish that the developers are known for in games like the popular Game Dev. Although their catalog now seems enormously wide (perhaps they have made too many games now for the wrong reasons), as this game doesn’t even run that well, and has frequent hiccups during the gameplay experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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