Total Domination - Reborn
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Total Domination - Reborn
Total Domination - Reborn
Total Domination - Reborn
Total Domination - Reborn
Total Domination - Reborn
Total Domination - Reborn

Review Total Domination - Reborn

Brandon Girod
Good artwork, good performance, lots of actions to perform
Unimaginative gameplay, no combat system
Total Domination - Reborn for Android is a run-of-the-mill city builder. It’s set a bit in the future, and you’re tasked with building a strong base so you can defend it and take over enemy territories.
The real meat of the game revolves around the base-building aspect of the game, because there really isn’t any combat. It exists, but it’s completely stat based, and you don’t participate in it at all.
If you’ve played one city-builder on a mobile platform then you’ve played them all. This one is no exception. You start off by building things that will passively produce resources and the game holds your hand the entire time. Although the tutorial is skippable in a sense, it’s really only bypassing the pointless dialogue. You still have to follow everything step-by-step.
The game probably overuses goals a bit, because when you open it up, you’re confronted with a never ending list of things the game wants you to do, and that’s a problem. When I play a game like this, I don’t want the game to constantly remind me or tell me what I should be doing. I want the freedom to play how I want. Having a huge laundry list of mundane tasks to perform makes me feel obligated to do them before I move on to the “actual” game. The problem here is that removing one task is just clearing room for another. There’s no end.
The lack of combat is also kind of a bummer. You send troops off to fight, and it takes time to get to their destination and come back. That’s a yawn fest already, but all you’re doing is gathering resources so you can continue to wait while you build more things to wait on.
Total Domination - Reborn is a snooze fest. The gameplay isn’t compelling, it feeds you a never ending list of chores, and offers no compelling reason to make it past the tutorial.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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