Hollywood U: Rising Stars
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Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Review Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Brandon Girod
Lots of customization for your entourage, lets you choose between dialogue options, has a consistent story throughout the game
The content subject cuts out a large audience
Hollywood U: Rising Stars for Android is a game aimed at a younger crowd that actually sort of surprised me with its story. The premise is pretty simple. You're a young star who was just accepted into Hollywood University; a university dedicated to creating directors, fashionistas, and actors/actresses.
What surprised me about this game was the way its story kind of follows you while you play. You have characters that you meet throughout the story, and they’ve got personality and a backstory. It seemed like every quest I completed led me to learn more about the characters. Now, am I the targeted audience for this game? Nope. Not in the least, but I can objectively say that for a pre-teen girl, it’s something that is well-targeted.
Most games like this have a premise, not a story. The premise falls off the wagon as soon as you get the reins, but not this game. I think that alone will be enough to keep people interested. However, the story takes it a bit further. The game also incorporates dialogue choices akin to something like a Bioware game, where the game responds to what you choose. Another surprisingly progressive feature for a mobile game.
As far as the gameplay goes, I found it to be decent. There aren’t any real resources aside from money and rep, and all you’re really trying to do is gain notoriety and build a big enough entourage to surpass your rival in the story.There are wait timers, but they’re manageable.
Hollywood U: Rising Stars is definitely not a game for me, but for its targeted audience, it’s surprisingly ahead of the game. In fact, it actually puts the majority of other games in the genre to shame even though its content is largely targeted towards a younger audience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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