Battle for the Galaxy
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Battle for the Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy

Review Battle for the Galaxy

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, performs well
Boring gameplay, no depth to the combat, very grindy
Battle for the Galaxy for Android is basically a sci-fi makeover of Clash of Titans. It’s part city-builder and part RTS. As you’re probably familiar with, in your downtime you’ll be building up your base: building new buildings, upgrading buildings, and researching new technologies. All building up to the head, which is the production of powerful armies.
The game doesn’t really follow a core concept, it’s pretty equally split between focusing on the combat and the base building components of the game. The base building concept is a bit more in-depth than the former. There is plenty of space to build your base however you want it, and there are a ton of different options and upgrade paths you can choose from.
Combat is usually more about overwhelming your enemy than anything else. Sure, you kind of have to place your units close to the enemy’s defense so they don’t destroy you before you get there, but that’s about the extent of it. I also found the AI for my troops to be just plain stupid. There were countless times I had an entire group of my units get mowed down because they refused to fire at the turret shooting at them, and instead focused on the nearest building. Talk about frustrating.
Battle for the Galaxy is a hard game to like because it does absolutely nothing to cure the boredom that is created by games like this. You spend a long time grinding out resources, and when you’re finally able to participate in combat, it’s incredibly boring and unengaging. On the surface there isn’t really anything wrong with the game, but there isn’t anything especially good about it either.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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