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Taekwondo Game
Taekwondo Game
Taekwondo Game
Taekwondo Game
Taekwondo Game
Taekwondo Game

Review Taekwondo Game

Ollie Green
Decent animation, multiplayer mode, lots of levels, several variants of controls
Impossible to play without paying money
Taekwondo Game for Android is a fun fighting game that pits you against an opponent with a similar skill level. Whether you're playing with your friends via local WiFi, or battling it out against AI, there's plenty of fun to be had around every corner.
In this game, you are placed into an arena with your opponent, and are given basic direction controls that can be used to move, in conjunction with attack buttons to do different directional attacks. For example, if you were to hit the high kick whilst moving forward, you would put more force into the kick, whilst moving backward would kick the player backwards.
The controls are pretty easy to get used to and there is a tutorial within the game that will allow you to get to grips with things. In the tutorial you will notice pretty quickly that the fight animations are fluid, and the controls are responsive enough to allow you to react quickly to your opponent. Translating fighting game controls into a touch screen form factor has always been seen as quite a difficult thing to do, but the developers of this game have done it perfectly.
The graphics are also impressive. The fighters are highly detailed 3D models and the environments have full lighting and shadow effects. You will be able to unlock new arenas, and each area looks great.
Unfortunately a lot of Taekwondo Game is restricted by a pay wall. You need to pay $1 to access all of the content, and without paying you are limited to the first training room and the local Wi-Fi multiplayer.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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I like tkd and tkd is cleverest trick
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