Dr. Monto : Shooting Puzzle
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Dr. Monto : Shooting Puzzle
Dr. Monto : Shooting Puzzle
Dr. Monto : Shooting Puzzle
Dr. Monto : Shooting Puzzle

Review Dr. Monto : Shooting Puzzle

Kevin Vadala
Graphics are fun and wacky
Not original, microtransaction based game
Dr. Monto: Shooting Puzzle for Android is another matching jewel game where you match jewels to utilize moves in combat. But this time, you are some sort of rabbit creature atop a tank that looks very squarish and blocky in nature. You match the jewels by dragging them to the end part of the jewel arena, which causes them to explode and provide energy to your combat battle.
The whole concept of Dr. Monto is pretty ridiculous. You are a bunny fighting off monsters who are especially cartoonized and silly, but sometimes vicious looking. I’m not sure really what you are shooting, or what you shoot from, but they are definitely very very distant relatives of bullets and tanks.
In some ways, I’m constantly amazed with how many various games developers can come up with that involve matching gems. You’d think they’d understand that the genre is long since stale, and those who want to match gems would most likely just search “bejeweled” in the app store, or something. But no, we get constant iterations of gem matching games that all play very very similar, but contain different graphical styles, slight gameplay variations and so on. None of these games, this one included, innovate in terms of advancing the genre along. They simply use the gameplay to make a game with free to play mechanics, and thus the microtransactions that make them money. With this games entry on the play store, you can actually see the microtransactions in one of the screenshots, which I thought was funny. You can spend real money to purchases items and weapons in the game, which you will power by matching gems.
Dr. Monto is yet another game with wacky graphics that feels borderline cute, but mostly annoying.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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