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Review Machinarium

Evgenii Kostrov
Before you smart game in the genre of quests, which was published for personal computers were in 2009. Machinarium to quickly gather a huge army of fans, and now it is available on Android-powered devices. In this game you need to make the best of their mental effort and attention in order to solve all the problems and puzzles that prevent the robot to meet his beloved.
The story begins with the fact that one robot mistakenly thrown into a pile of scrap metal out of town. As is clear from the story, the city is closed, and there is no possibility of simple robots or leave it, or get it noticed by a police post. But the opportunity is available for rusty gendarmes with blue cones and flashing lights on their heads. That is what you have to pay attention to return to the streets of his native city.
However, in any case, it can not at once, and especially Joseph (the name of the main character) gets a couple of alterations, and even in the city prison, from which climbs well, thanks to your efforts. Then begins a whole series of scenes in which you will have to perform various tasks in exchange for a service. Most of the jobs will be to solve puzzles, and at some point will have to seek out logical sequence leading to the goal.
As soon as you start to start playing immediately realize that robots have feelings too, they know how to grieve, and to love, and to remember the light moments of his life, and worry about their loved ones. Thoughts of robots and their dialogue will be expressed in the form of animated clouds are formed over a character's head and telling all that you want to convey.
To move the robot and capture the necessary items in the game are used taps on the screen. The main character has its own inventory, fits in his body. During the search and seizure of essential items should be remembered that the robot can take or activate only what is within range, that is at arm's length. That is why Joseph would have a lot of moving around.


In graphic terms game performed no worse than its desktop version. Moreover, if you decide to play Flash-game, then it would be just the PC version. True, it can be difficult to control, as well as the menu and inventory. Sound quality and very funny. Thanks to it you will experience the whole atmosphere of the game and penetrated her warm feelings.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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atena.zargari@gmail.com18 Feb 2014, at 15:49
Man baziye machinarium o khili doust daram vali nemitonam downloads konam
You dont have to root your device, just download the file to any device with goo g le play then copy or email it to your kindle. Usea file explorer to run the file. You must first enable third party apps in device settibgs.
Is there any way of purchasing this for Kindle Fire without rooting? Google Play doesn't recognise Kindle Fire (Google apps need to be put on a rooted device)
Xperia P
Game work, but screen resolution is too small (minimum reqirements 720p), no problems to gaming till level 15 (deactivating bomb) (button on wall is out of screen and not possible to turn off light, therefore solve level)
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