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Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3
Brothers in Arms® 3

Review Brothers in Arms® 3

Vlad Popa
Realistic sounds, plenty of companions to bring into the fight, convenient controls
Dull combat and enemy AI, difficult to play without in-app purchases
Brothers in Arms 3 is Gameloft’s contribution to the famous World War 2 franchise. The game brings action-packed battles, with bullets flying in every direction and plenty of enemies to kill.
The game delivers a decent war experience, but without taking things too seriously or coming close to realism. Environments are incredibly detailed, using decent graphics. Due to the use of bright and vibrant colors to recreate each area, the game fails to deliver a true war-themed experience. The beautiful locations and vistas that make up the game’s many battle locations are filled by the realistic sounds of flying bullets, grinding tank gears and screaming soldiers.
The game plays like a rather generic third person shooter. Most battles will be spent shooting from cover points and moving from cover to cover once each wave of enemies has been eliminated. Each level requires the completion of a certain type of objective. These range from placing explosives in strategic locations and defending choke points, to rescue and escort missions deep in enemy territory. Most battles feel overly simplified, mostly due to the enemy AI. Opposing soldiers will fail to seek cover or even run from grenades.
Overall, Brothers in Arms 3 for Android offers an enjoyable experience that is guaranteed to captivate users and provide hours of battle-filled enjoyment. The game does have some faults. The main drawbacks are the constant temptations to resort to in-app purchases, short and simple missions, easy to defeat enemies, and the constant need for energy to launch missions.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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bhasker25 Aug 2015, at 20:12Sony Xperia tipo
Brothers in Arms® 3 is compatible with Sony Xperia tipo's system requirements.
hi game keep told me internet error connection what I can do please
Vlad Popa
My advice is that you connect to a stable internet connection, preferably WiFi and then try again.
Let me know if this does not resolve your issue, but please be a bit more descriptive with the issue and also mention your device model and OS version.
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