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NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher
NFC Task Launcher

Review NFC Task Launcher

Sergei Petrov
NFC Task Launcher - a powerful and flexible program that allows for part of the potential that lies in newfangled technology NFC. With these tools, you can create configuration profiles to be automatically activated on the device in contact with the NFC-tag.
Program developed studio Tagstand, which together with the application also began selling its own set of NFC-tags. We should not be afraid, because the program supports any generic labels that can be ordered online stores.

Opportunities NFC Task Launcher

This program is able to switch between any of the functions and smartphone setup and run a variety of profiles, applications, and anything else your heart desires. By default, the NFC Task Launcher is already written a few basic sections: Car (activates Bluetooth, card runs), Office (disable sounds, includes Wi-Fi), Bedside (disables all sounds the alarm starts) and much more.
You can create any configuration, choosing from more than 200 items to the settings. After you choose your favorite configuration you can simply bring the smartphone to the back of the NFC-tag, and it will write immediately. After that, to read the data can simply apply to the label smartphone.
Models that support NFC:
  • Sony Xperia Sola
  • HTC One X
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Nexus 7
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • and almost all new smartphones in 2012.

Where to buy NFC-tags?

If they wanted to find a NFC-tag in Russia is almost impossible, and if found, it will be very, very expensive (our dealers inflate the price tag on them to 5-10). So we'll give you a hint where to find and book cheap labels.
The most convenient and proven way - is to buy NFC-tags on web sites and Ebay Aliexpress. You go to these sites and type in the search "NFC Tag", and then see where it will be written "free shipping" and the sender's country China. Order labels from America pointless and very expensive, as they are no different from each other.
When you select a vendor guided by the price ~ $ 1 (30 rubles) for 1 mark. They are usually sold in batches of 10 pieces, so you have to order immediately set that you will pour out only 300 rubles. For comparison, our sellers ask for 300-500 rubles for 1 piece.
Themselves NFC-tags are universal, so do not worry on account of the fact that smartphones Sony read only tags from Sony, etc. Any devices that support NFC, can read any tag.
  • The absence of the Russian language;
  • Inability to switch the GPS (requires Root).
Summary. NFC Task Launcher - this is one of the best programs to work with NFC-tags on Android-smartphone, which is much more functional than the tools that offer us the Samsung and Sony. If your phone supports NFC, and you still do not use labels, be sure to try - it's very convenient!

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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Will this app work on Galaxy Trend? My app closes automatically everytime I open it.
Brandon Girod
What version of Android is it running?
I'm glad I purchased this one.Vega R3 really works smoothly even on heavy multi-tasking. It never fails to surprise me. The quad-core chipset is just an amazeballs and the screen display is vivid and lifelike.I don't know about you but I'm lovin' this smartphone! find it @
Richa Bhalla
Newer version on NFC TL available on the playstore!
William Klauss
Dose not support writing tags on the samsung galaxy tab 2
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