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MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness
MSN Health & Fitness

Review MSN Health & Fitness

Brandon Girod
Expansive nutritional database, includes a list of diets and workout plans
Some of the nutritional info seems slightly off, the ui is a bit cluttered
MSN Health & Fitness for Android is a surprising app from Microsoft that helps you track, manage, and plan your life in the best way possible. If you’ve ever used Myfitnesspal or similar then you’ll instantly find this app familiar, although it adds a bit more to the formula.
Some of the features that kind of push the app past the typical health and fitness boundaries is the knowledge it gives you. There are tons of articles it features that give advice and information about fitness and health related things, but it goes further than that as well. It also gives you information on various meal plans, diet plans, and exercises.
You can choose to follow the advice that gives you access to, or customize your own. You can also search for nutritional information on various foods from its food database. I’m not sure what database it uses, but it’s a fairly expansive one. I was able to find information on Publix subs and coffee at Starbucks. You can add these things to a food journal to keep track of your nutrients and calories.
I did find that the calories from the items I checked out appeared to be higher than what I’ve seen on other apps and websites. Usually I’d rather it log higher calories because it’s better to be higher than lower, but it really kind of depends on whether or not you’re losing or gaining weight. Either way, take the nutritional information with a grain of salt.
MSN Health & Fitness is a great app that offers a lot of additional features other fitness apps don’t. I like that it offers all of these features for free as well.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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