Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
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Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure

Review Animal Voyage:Island Adventure

Brandon Girod
Incorporates gameplay mechanics from other genres, tries to push the boundaries of a match three game
Low resolution graphics, suffers from visual bugs, nags you with notifications after you close the game
Animal Voyage: Island Adventure for Android is a match three game that tries to separate itself a bit from the crowd in terms of gameplay. Somehow you find yourself on an island with a friendly pet and you’re tasked with clearing a bunch of tall grass so you can save a stranded animal you see. You soon realize that the island is totally full of stranded animals, so you’ve got to save them all.
The game throws in some extra mechanics that you won’t recognize from other match three games, but you will from other genres. On the map you control your animals who have to cut grass and repair things to navigate their way across the island to help rescue animals. When you get to a stranded island you play a match three game in which you have to collect certain items while you match things in order to save the animal.
Once you’ve saved the animal you’ll have to build them a home, and then they’ll come join you in saving other stranded animals. The animals serve a few functions. They’ll help you clear things faster, and each has different levels of energy they can use to help save other animals. Over time they’ll use that energy, so to help feed them you’ll build a farm and plant crops for them to eat.
Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is commendable in that it tries to do something different with the match three genre, but the execution is poor. I ran into a few visual glitches, and the artwork doesn’t look that great, to be honest. To add to the experience, the game likes to send you a ton of reminders to play it; including the one it sends you right after you exit the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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