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Review Xcalibur

Brandon Girod
Pixel graphics, good level design, fun gameplay that's easy to learn
Controls are poorly integrated, spelling mistakes in the menu systems, poor progression system
Xcalibur for Android is a really fun platformer RPG that reminds me a lot of old school NES and SNES games. Even the opening menu seems to pay homage to Zelda. The game doesn’t waste time trying to bog you down with any premise. You’re a knight and you’re going to be jumping and fighting your way from level to level until you reach the end.
So, you play as a pixelated hero that is always swinging his sword, which means you don’t have to worry about attacking. Instead, you’re going to be jumping from platform to platform, making sure you attack where you need to, and dodge when you need to. The controls worked well for the most part, but when you jump you have to re-tap the direction you were moving in because otherwise you’ll just stand there. For some reason it forgets that you were holding down the right or left button the whole time.
The progression system is also a bit weird. You have to play through an entire level, which is full of several small stages. If you close the game, or leave it open for too long then you have to start over. Your progression is never saved. It’s more like you gain gold over the course of a play through. When that play through is over you can use the gold you collected to purchase upgrades. Unfortunately, gold is only kept after you’ve successfully completed a stage. If you quit then you lose all the gold you’ve collected.
Xcalibur is a game that I really want to love because the art style is good, and the gameplay is pretty fun. I think it has several issues, though. There are several spelling errors in the menu system, and the progression system and controls are pretty frustrating. If the developer can update the game to fix these issues then it would turn a potentially good game into a great game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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