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Twisty Hollow
Twisty Hollow
Twisty Hollow
Twisty Hollow
Twisty Hollow
Twisty Hollow

Review Twisty Hollow

Kevin Vadala
Very different game
Game feels a little too odd, controls a little strangely
Twisty Hollow for Android is a unique game that feels like a cross between a puzzle and arcade game. You spin a wheel and match up components to produce an end product; like bacon. The goal of the game is to help villagers in each level accomplish their own goals, whether it be chopping up pigs to make bacon, fishing, or mining. As the game progresses things get more and more complicated, with more and more tasks being available for you to handle. The tasks in this game are handled by matching components to villagers. For example, in order to make bacon, you have to match the villager on one slide (the game has different slides that all make up parts of a wheel; it's a system that has layers of a sort). Then for other jobs it's very similar. For fishing, you need a line and a worm, and so on. However, in order to line things up correctly, it becomes tricky because moving one component moves another component that is on the same circular slider.
This is where the puzzle in the game comes in. You need to figure out the ways to slide the sliders in order to properly match up components to help the villagers. In the beginning of the game its very simple, but as I said before, you slowly ramp up to increase the professions and the people doing it. Eventually, things get even harder, with timers involved that really make your decisions count. Any time wasted doing nothing will only serve to make your efforts futile.
The game has a funny graphic style that tries to keep things simple but a lot of detail and things happen in the game at once. There are also a lot of animations when you switch levels, zooming in and around the globe, which gives the game a sort of premium (not freemium) feel. It’s not my favorite kind of graphics, as things look a little papery; but I’m not going to mark the graphics down at all. The game has a very peppy style and the graphics match that style well, even if it annoys me.
Twisty Hollow is a very different and creative game that has you doing things in an extraordinary way, with things you wouldn’t have thought ordinary at all. In the end, you are left spinning in circles matching up tasks for villagers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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