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Review Gmail

Kevin Vadala
Reliable, designed efficently
No significant shortcomings
Gmail for Android is an old app that has been on Android for awhile. It is the mobile form of Gmail, and in many ways, an amazing experience that its namesake makes it king of other email apps. It doesn’t have a ton of interesting features, but the app feels smart in that it looks great (this area has received significant improvements over time as well), works solidly, is easy to use, and well - it just feels familiar. I’ve been using Gmail on my Android phone since I’ve had it, and I’ve seen it grow into a beautiful looking app.
Gmail now has a great design. You have all of your emails in a downward column, separated by icons that represent the text within. If you have an email from Meetup, there will be a M icon. Gmail also makes it easy to differentiate between read texts and unread texts. When you read a text it no longer is bold, and vice versa. Tapping on an email makes it easy to read, and email correspondence looks very simple and straightforward. Making an email is even easier as there's a button on the bottom of the screen that stays persistent - it looks like a little pen. Searching email is also easy with an icon on the top right.
A lot of things about Gmail feel very standard, and in a lot of ways it's because it knows what it is doing. Gmail on the internet is a pioneer, a more stable and stronger version - less cluttered too, of other email clients like hotmail or yahoo. Here, things remain much the same, just smaller. You even have your little Google+ photos on the pull out tab linked to your email accounts. That is another strong suit of the app: it's really easy to add accounts and switch in between accounts. Push notifications also work equally as well.
Gmail the app is a great version of Gmail. I’ve always wanted a little more settings options, like changing the color theme of the app or the ability to change email notification sounds straight from the app. But I suppose Gmail wants things to remain simpler and less gimmicky, and perhaps these sort of things will come later on.

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I not can,t make gmail for my nokia xl
Ayodele Agboola
My phone Nokia XL dual sim 5.0 is unable to display my account on mtn 08038324021 and the gmail account please help
Ayodele Agboola
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