Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
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Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter

Review Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter

Kevin Vadala
Standard gameplay
Way too easy and cute
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter for Android is a cute bubble shooter that has you shooting and bursting hamster balls; which in and of itself, is a little bit of a strange idea. What is a hamster ball really? The plastic kind they run in would never pop..
The game has standard bubbling popping action, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you were expecting. A lot of these games I review have a lot of in common with other games, and barely even seem like different games in most ways besides graphical style. This game decided to use the hamster style, which uses cuteness as its charm. The intro is a somewhat impressive length as it characterizes hamsters in the beginning of the game by giving them short and funny biographies. This doesn’t really have any effect of gameplay of course..
You shoot bubbles by tapping where you want them to go and they hit the bubbles. They will pop if the color is the same. Sometimes you can get special “chameleon” colors that will pop any other colors. You can also switch out colors with the one directly behind it. Things also start to get a little more tricky as you progress through the game, such as the level limiting the amount of balls you can toss and explode. However, make no mistake, like any other kiddy game on the play store, this plays disgustingly easy, and the first few levels almost are handed to you with the balls having the exact right colors to blow everything up.
There really can’t be much more said about the game other than little girls might enjoy it or maybe a little boy. For us hardcore bubble poppers, I still don’t see this game as a improvement over the classic Bust-A-Move game in terms of gameplay, style, or overall challenge; which is a bit funny, because that game is very old.
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter is a cute, albeit repetitive and unnecessary, remake of a thousand of other bubble poppers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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