Zombie Shooter VR
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Zombie Shooter VR
Zombie Shooter VR
Zombie Shooter VR
Zombie Shooter VR
Zombie Shooter VR
Zombie Shooter VR

Review Zombie Shooter VR

Kevin Vadala
Good to test out VR
No significant shortcomings
Zombie Shooter VR for Android is a very simplistic zombie shooting game which plays as an on-rail experience. You navigate down a subway station shooting zombies by looking at them. You line up your vision with their bodies to shoot, and then when they are dead you move past them automatically. It’s definitely not a complex, polished, or fun game really. It's just a game to test out the VR experience, which, for the most part feels not as immersive you would expect. The gameplay gets in the way, and while the graphics are decent, everything else suffers. Don’t expect a game, but rather a simple demo-like experience and you should be satisfied.
It took me awhile to understand how to move around in the game as you have to point your phone in the direction you want to go. Basically, the camera and viewing angle is controlled by your phone’s gyroscope and thus the position your head might be in. It works in a 360 context.
While the experience works decently in terms of providing an experience, there are a lot of bugs, shooting feels unsatisfying, and the zombies are blocky and stupid enough to make them not scary. There also isn’t very good ambience in the levels in terms of sound. The best thing I noted in the game was the first light breaking through the ceiling in sparkly ray shapes, which you pass through, after moving out of a train. In this game you can expect zombies to just become a forgotten danger, because if you don’t kill them in time, nothing happens. Well, what I mean is, they just walk past you.
Zombie Shooter VR is more like a demo of the VR experience, with a few bits of gameplay tacked on. Don’t expect an engaging experience that you will return to, and you won’t be disappointed.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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