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Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord
Fantasy Warlord

Review Fantasy Warlord

Brandon Girod
Beautiful artwork, lots of guardians to collect
No battle system, no quest system, shallow gameplay mechanics
Fantasy Warlord for Android is a game about collecting cards that depict women in skimpy outfits. These women, and other creatures, are called guardians; and your job is to collect as many as you can so you can build a powerful team to take on other players.
I’ll be upfront, this game doesn’t really have a lot going for it. There are plenty of guardians to collect, and you can combine them to create more powerful ones, but the combat system and quest system are literally non-existent. The quest system is nothing more than a few menus that are vaguely named actions like “secure the castle”. Doing a mission costs energy, and it’s nothing more than a super short animation of you walking through a path. It lasts literally three seconds and then you’re rewarded.
The battle system is basically the exact same thing, but you battle against other players your level. On one level it’s good, because you’re not repeatedly getting stomped by higher level players, but the battle system really had no rhyme or reason as to how your stats added up. Nor was there anyway to adjust your team that fights. Battles require stamina and will also cost you health.
Health, stamina, and energy are all resources that can be purchased with cash, or accrued passively over time. Gold is another currency that you’ll get as you win battles and complete missions. You can also build buildings that will passively build income as well. Gold allows you to build more buildings and buy guardians.
Fantasy Warlords doesn’t really have much gameplay to review. There are mechanics, for sure, but they’re all vague and incredibly shallow. Unless you just enjoy stat screens that are meaningless, and looking at pictures of girls with very little on, I’d definitely pass this one up.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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