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High School Story
High School Story
High School Story
High School Story
High School Story
High School Story
High School Story
High School Story

Review High School Story

Kevin Vadala
Funny recruitment system, funny dialogue
Just another basebuilder in some ways
High School Story for Android is another base-building game with a few little twists along the way to spice things up. In the game you are a high school student who is making his own school, which is actually a strange premise. You get to create an image of yourself, although there are limited customization options. You can’t make yourself look like a real nerd, or a rugged nerd, just an amazingly good-looking no-acme nerd. There is no explanation for why you can create your own school, but its actually interesting because you interact with the school members that come to your school (you actually create and name them too, and are encouraged to import Facebook information to name people). You are also involved in a rivalry with another school.
These schools have some intense school spirit as both you, the nerd (or if you pick jock or prep; but who are we kidding, you are definitely picking nerd! Why else would you be reading an app review? Jocks don’t do that!) and the other jock from the school come to a fistfight early on in the game; if that is the option you chose. The game actually provides some small moments of individual choice and storytelling told through dialogue cut scenes. The game is funny, and shouldn’t be taken very seriously at all, because of how seriously (depending on how you look at it) it takes the stereotypes in the game. Your status as a nerd defines the buildings you make, and so does the status of other followers in your school.
There are buildings devoted to nerd, prep, and jock; each with detailed descriptions that explain the purpose of the building and it’s relevance to the stereotype. The nerd building description says something about light sabers and chemistry, while the prep building oozes confidence and mentions something about accomplishments. Unlike other base-builders, the game takes its theme more seriously (even though it's not a serious theme by any means) and incorporates it into the gameplay. I actually enjoyed this element of the game because it made the base-building elements stick out less to me, which, after all, is what a majority of the gameplay will come down to; waiting for buildings to finish. There is the other side of the game, which is getting people to your school and creating them, and then seeing them walk around and interact in your high school.
High School Story has these components (or people) but they don’t impact the actual mechanics of waiting and building. They simply add a distraction like I said before, to make this game into a high school experience, instead of a war-focused base-builder.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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panda :3
It's an awesome game and really fun though certain quests you have to wait for
its so-good but its for chaild 
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