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Review Go!Go!Go!:Racer

Brandon Girod
Endless gameplay, a progression system that keeps you entertained
Resources encourage too many in-app purchases, upgrades are expensive with in-game currency
Go!Go!Go!:Racer for Android totally reminded me of Speed Racer, but unfortunately there are no other similarities to be found. There really isn’t much story around the fact that you have a rival that beats you perpetually. It’s like a very arcady endless racer.
The main game itself starts you off driving along a road through regular traffic. In the beginning you’re dodging cars while trying to collect gold, which you can later use to upgrade your car. Soon enough your rival will appear and you’ll suddenly be racing to beat him to the checkpoint.
Your main limiting factor is the amount of gas you have in your car. It’s not much, and the game uses this limited resource to try and encourage you to buy power-ups to lengthen the time you can actually participate in the race. Fortunately, you get more gas every time you race, and if you make it to the finish line then your tank is instantly refilled and you can continue forward.
After each race you can upgrade your car, much like you would in any racer. One thing that didn’t impress me too much was the selection of cars. The game doesn’t use any licensed cars, and I wasn’t able to find a car that I could really buy with in-game currency. Kind of a bummer because it makes the game seem nothing but pay-to-win, which is a toxic formula for any free-to-play game.
Go!Go!Go!:Racer is fun to spend a half hour with, but you don’t progress fast enough and it seems like such a grind. The core concept of the game is fun, but it wears off quickly when you realize how repetitive it is.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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"Go!Go!Go!:Racer is fun to spend a half hour with, but you don’t progress fast enough and it seems like such a grind."

Exactly this is one of the most grind intensive games I've seen of course that's spending 0 trophys. I just maxed out the B Class Humpack and it wants me to do 2,000,000 km to unlock A class with gold... In the 3 days I've been playing I've only done 250,000 km. Of course there is the next car to progress to but it needs 500,000 km to unlock with gold, double my entire collective effort so far.... This is more Grindy then most mmorpg's.
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