Break Loose: Zombie Survival
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Break Loose: Zombie Survival
Break Loose: Zombie Survival
Break Loose: Zombie Survival
Break Loose: Zombie Survival
Break Loose: Zombie Survival
Break Loose: Zombie Survival

Review Break Loose: Zombie Survival

Kevin Vadala
Easy controls
Not exciting
Break Loose Zombie Survival for Android is another typical running game, but this time you are running towards zombies instead of away from them.
In the game you collect coins and try to keep running forward as long as you physically can. After collecting enough coins and dodging cars, you can achieve a “super saiyan” like mode, which gives you a golden jacket and hood. This jacket lets you smash through zombies in an invulnerable state. Besides that, the game feels pretty standard, with controls that you have come to understand and perhaps expect before you even play the game’s tutorial. You slide up to jump, slide down to slide underneath and slide side to side to dodge incoming objects. In this case, it's stationary cars left over from the apocalypse. When a zombie gets in your way you can tap on them to dispose of them, or if you have ammunition, you can tap on them multiple times to shoot them down before you run into them. When you run into objects, or get touched by a zombie, you have blood splatter on the bottom of your screen. You can only get hit a few times before you will die and have to restart.
Overall, the graphics in the game look bleak, dark, and grey, like a post-apocalyptic world might. The cars look run down, and the environment too, but there isn’t much detail to be had, and what is there looks relatively basic and unfinished. Mist also clouds your frontal view in order to make the game easier to run, or less graphically intensive. It runs fine, even if the model of your character looks blocky and the environments boring and uninspired.
Break Loose is a very standard running game, and one that doesn’t offer many surprises. The gameplay is fun but nothing complicated. So if you are looking for a zombie running game this might be the one you expect.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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