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Global Outbreak
Global Outbreak
Global Outbreak
Global Outbreak
Global Outbreak

Review Global Outbreak

Sergei Petrov
Global Outbreak - a large-scale game that combines several genres, namely, strategy, action and Tower Defense. In this game we will protect the land from the spread of a deadly virus that turns people into zombies and evil scary monsters.
By their game idea is a lot like a very old and well-known strategy of X-com, which is also the end of 2012 came to a remake of the Xbox 360. Here, along with combat missions, we will also participate in a global management, monitoring and otstraivaya military bases and the spread of infection.


At its core, the game is divided into two types geimpleya - ordinary mission and global strategy. Globally, we will monitor the spread and foci of infection, and in the ordinary mission, we have to visit specific places with pockets of the epidemic.
Ordinary Mission
In simple missions can participate by some soldiers, while we can choose what to take soldiers into battle, and how to equip them. The game is available a large quantity of weapons, including the classic automatic MP5 and AK-74 (Kalashnikov).
Global Outbreak developers have implemented a very interesting battle system. To open fire on the enemy, you need not press, as it were, hold your finger on it. This feature makes sense, when you attack multiple zombies, because you can spend a gesture of 3-4 goals, and the soldiers immediately begin firing.
Graphics in the game called a masterpiece does not work, but it looks as a whole is well, and to play and manage your squad is very nice.
Global Strategy
In the global strategy before us the great globe, where you can see the pockets of the epidemic, and routes, where the infection progresses. In the most dangerous places, we need to rebuild the military bases, bunkers, which will hold the line. The entire management process is somewhat similar genre games Tower Defense.
Since we have a large planet, the main resource in the game - this time, as to transport helicopter detachment from point "A" to point "B", it may take several hours. Here, incidentally, we are free to choose the means of transport (helicopters, airplanes).

Features Global Outbreak for Android:

  • A unique idea;
  • Two game modes;
  • The ability to control every aspect of the game;
  • Global and epics of all events;
  • A large number of weapons, equipment and buildings.
The disadvantages include the game is not too high-quality graphics and often lengthy downloading, which appear after each conversation. Also, the owners of tablet-based Tegra 3 may fail to textures.
Summary. Global Outbreak - it is very unusual for the operating system Android game that definitely deserves a lot of attention. For originality and unique idea we put four up front, but we hope that the developers have completed this promising action-strategy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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