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Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet
Don't Get Wet

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Brandon Girod
Charming pixel graphics, challenging gameplay mechanics
The environment stays the same every play through, outside of racking up a high score, there is no incentive to play continuously
Don’t Get Wet for Android is an endless reaction-based game that will test not just how quick your reflexes are, but how well you do at multi-tasking as well. You have two furry forest animals that are caught in a rainstorm. They’re armed with leaves to protect them from the small stuff, but they need your help avoiding the big rain drops.
Just to show you how observant I am, the first game I played, I didn’t even realize I was controlling the second animal on the right side of the screen. But each character reacts from a tap or swipe on their respective side of the screen. The screen is kind of split down the middle, so if one is on the outside, and you tap it, then it will move to the middle.
Sometimes the rain will drop in synchronous patterns, which makes it pretty easy, but other times your thumbs will be dancing around the screen as tears run down your cheeks trying to deal with the pressure of not getting hit. It’s pretty intense.
The game’s art style borrows a lot from other pixel inspired games, and I think it fits in pretty well with the whole theme of the game. You can swap out the characters if you want, and there are several characters to choose from. Fortunately they’re all aesthetic changes. Performance was also great, which is paramount in a game about speed and reaction.
Don’t Get Wet is a pretty cool reaction game that you’ll probably spend a few hours playing. The art style is great, and the controls work really well. One qualm I do have is that the environment remains static. A change of scenery would go a long way for this game.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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Kit Thayer
I honestly had no idea what to expect from this game going in. The screenshots looked pretty cute and bright which is often what I look for in the mobile games I play. I immediately liked the way things bounce around on screen--from the little creatures bellies to the colorful balls in the background (they're so weird, but hilarious!)
Round 1 with the game lasted all of about 3 seconds. I got 1 point and my brain just shut down! "'re supposed to control BOTH creatures at one!? Impossible!" So, I thought. Round 2 I lasted about 5 seconds, Round 3 did a bit better, and so on. This game's learning curve is SMOOTH! 
If nothing else I absolutely love the sense of accomplishment you get when going into this game blind. You go from being utterly confused to feeling like a pro if you just let the mechanics sink in for 5-10 minutes of playing. I was finally ranking upwards of 70+ in no time and my current high score is 154! Ruby trophy!
That's the other thing I love about this game. A lot of apps out there reward the player with medals , but they never let you VIEW them later!! It's such a stupid, simple thing but Don't Get Wet gives you access to a Trophy Room and lets you see the badges you've earned. I feel like a Pokemon Trainer or something, haha, it's great!
It's not just that the visuals are slick, but it seems like the developers put a ton of care and thought into where to polish them too. I mean, the characters and the trophies are what players will be staring at the most, so putting a lot of craftsmanship into those seems to make a lot of sense.
Anyway, this is definitely a game that's going to remain on my phone for a long time right next to my other favorites like Doodle Jump, Flappy, Timberman, etc. I really hope to see an update with new content before long because I'm definitely going to be getting that final Trophy for my collection.
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