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Review Scrolls

Brandon Girod
Extremely deep gameplay, over 350 scrolls to learn and build powerful decks with, unique gameplay and great mechanics
The AI is pretty difficult even on easy
Scrolls for Android is Mojang’s first game after the immensely successful Minecraft, and it’s definitely a far departure from it. Rather than finding yourself in the middle of a blocky sandbox game, you’ll be collecting cards, building decks, and playing against the AI and other players across an open battlefield.
When I first opened this game, I really didn’t know what to expect, and I definitely got a bit of a Hearthstone feel. But the game actually plays out completely differently than Hearthstone.
First off, cards are actually called scrolls and the game already features over 350 of them. Scrolls can range from enchantments, spells, and creatures. You’re tasked with building a deck of scrolls to take on other players in either friendly exhibition matches or ranked gameplay.
The game has a pretty in-depth tutorial, but fortunately they break it up into several sections so you can jump out whenever you want, or even skip it all together if you think you’re ready to go without it. If you’re a new player, I highly recommend it. There is a lot of strategy and nuances to this game that the tutorial greatly helps you out with.
The idea of the game is that the scroll battlefield has several rows and columns. At the end of each row is an idol on either side, and you want to make sure you destroy three of them before your opponent destroys three of yours. You do this by calling on scrolls and battling each other.
The game is pretty difficult, even on easy, and it takes a lot of careful thinking in order to pull ahead. One of the unique systems of the game is energy. You start with zero energy at the beginning, and can only start getting some by sacrificing cards out of your hand. Alternatively, you can also discard a card to summon more scrolls to play. You’ve often got to think several moves ahead, and there are plenty of situations that will leave you with no good answer; which is part of what makes the game so great.
The amount of depth in Scrolls goes far beyond the scope of this review. It’s a game where the meta and strategy will continue to grow for as long as the developers continue to update the game. It’s definitely an amazing card game to play and will probably hold you over while you wait for Hearthstone to come to Android.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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