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Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter
Bunny Shooter

Review Bunny Shooter

Brandon Girod
Great level design
Has way too many ads, visual designs are low resolution and cheesy, controls feel loose and too light
Bunny Shooter for Android is an ad that has a game running in the background. Let me be clear, close this app and go back to playing Angry Birds. This is an app about murdering bunnies for no good reason. They didn’t eat your children or come and attack you in your sleep. Nope, they were just there and you decided to shoot them with arrows.
The game controls and feels a lot like Angry Birds, but it felt… loose. The controls just weren’t as tight as I wanted them to be. Everything felt fine, but when I was trying to indicate exactly how much power I wanted in each shot, it just didn’t register the way I was expecting.
Have I mentioned the enormous ad that cuts off the bottom half of the screen? Fortunately, you can purchase the game to have it removed, but when you’ve got the free version you are CONSTANTLY bombarded with ads. There is the bottom banner, a pop up that comes up in between levels, and a developer ad asking you to buy their deluxe edition. No.
The level design is pretty fun, though. There is usually a clear, intentional way the developer wanted you to complete the level, and it feels good when you manage to pull it off in the later stages. However, there are also plenty of stages that you can kind of “cheat” past, and there were other levels that I completed completely by accident.
Even after all I said about the controls and the ads, Bunny Shooter has some potential. It just needs to drop the ad campaign they’ve got going on, and come up with a new marketing strategy. The game level design is interesting and it is fun to play. In its current state, it’s hard to recommend, though.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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