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Review Hamlet

Sergei Petrov
Hamlet - a welcome port of the very popular and well-known quest to PC from Russian studio developer Alawar Entertainment. The creators of his creation called "the last game without elements of MMORPG, shader (visual effects), and advertising," it is a real old school, released in 2012.
The plot of the game can be called, at least, unusual. Gallant knight rescue the princess was Ophelia directly following the Shakespeare story, as at one point, we, moving through a time machine, the knight fell right on his head and killed him accidentally. But history can not be stopped or changed, otherwise things can go wrong, so now we must become a knight and finish this well-known story.

Graphics and geimpley

Lovers of unusual and non-standard will be in raptures, as virtually all game goes against the current trends of the genre. Here we will have the most classic quest with a plot and challenging puzzles, while the modern quests completely transformed into simple fun on a hidden object and logic puzzles solutions unpretentious.
The graphics in the game made a drawing in an unusual style, something like this might look like in the 2000's, but do not be afraid, because everything looks very well and does not strain the eyes.
The entire game is based on solving puzzles on the scenes, each scene is more often of a very complex logical chain of actions. In most cases, the laws of logic here do not work well, or at least need to think outside the box. If you get stuck at some step, then 2 minutes after the beginning of the scene you can activate a hint that hints try to explain what to do.

Hamlet features for Android:

  • 25 levels that require you to maximum concentration;
  • Management and ways of doing things in the spirit of the old school;
  • Exciting battles with the bosses;
  • Nonstandard puzzles
  • Funny story with memorable characters;
  • Full Russian localization.
Disclose the full passage Hamlet we will not be in order not to spoil the experience of the game, but left the decision to stage 3 and 5, in anticipation of your questions:
Tips for playing games
  • The scene with the password (3 task) - the password you need to dial the word element of the Password.
  • Fight with Polonius (5 task) - reset the princess in the water, direct electric shocker to complete and disable (the button on the wall near full). After that, click on the full, and as soon as he gets the bomb, and click on it. After that, it will fall and will drop your remote control, in this time, we need to include electricity and click on the remote.
Summary. Hamlet - this is a very interesting and exciting quest for Android, you can safely put on a shelf next to Machinarium . Ported the game very well, and is perceived as if originally designed for touch devices.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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