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Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja
Amazing Ninja

Review Amazing Ninja

Brandon Girod
Good performance, minimalist game design
Frustrating procedurally generated level design, controls can be unpredictable at times
Amazing Ninja for Android is a challenging endless runner that will test your reaction speed. You’re a blue ninja and you have three objectives: jump over your friendly blue ninjas, kill all red ninjas, and don’t fall.
When I first started the game I didn’t pay attention to the controls and died a lot. Don’t over-complicate it like I did! For red ninjas, you have to kill them, and you do so by tapping right. You can’t jump over them because they will jump up and just cut you. Right out of the sky. When you find friendly ninjas running towards you, you have to jump over them in order to avoid colliding with them. Simple enough.
The premise is easy, but like most endless runners, you’ve got a lot of things happening that you’re trying to manage and react to. I found some parts of this game to just be plain frustrating. First off, the distance you have to be in order to kill a red ninja before they kill you is uncomfortably close. Other times, the other ninjas and the way the platforms are laid out, make it impossible to jump in a way that will land you safely on the other side.
This brings me to the jumping mechanic. The jump in this game is static, which means when you jump, you jump. There is no short jump. There is no long jump. There’s a double jump, but again, you jump the exact same distance and can’t react to anything after you’ve jumped. This makes the game seem a bit unfair, and gives you less control over your character, which is frustrating.
Amazing Ninja is a fun endless runner, no doubt, but the controls left me a bit frustrated. There were times when I died to a red ninja when I felt that I shouldn’t have; and times where I just couldn’t jump in the correct areas I needed to because the space was being occupied by another ninja. If you think you can overcome the controls then it’s a decent game on its own, but if you place any importance on controls then you’ll probably stay away from this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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