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Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw

Review Impossible Draw

Kevin Vadala
Interesting and different game premise
Can feel gimmicky
Impossible Draw for Android is a creative game which has you drawing shapes quicker than ever before. The game is stylized in a neon fashion where everything glows. The music is also catchy too, as it has some good techno vibes to it. The game really does feel a bit hard at times, hence the name, Impossible Draw.
Drawing in the game works perfectly on this mobile form as you use your finger to draw shapes. I could even see this game working on the DS game system with a stylus. I’m sure those that have a Note series phone will have an extra advantage with a stylus. Without one, you start to realize how sloppy you really are when it comes to drawing with your finger on the phone. Sure, you can make things legible, but the game draws a fine line between "legible" and worthy of looking correct.
Say you make a circle thats a little too oval, or a line that's a little too crooked. That’s when you’ll lose the game if you don’t correct your mistake quick enough. As the game progresses with more and more correct drawings, it starts to speed up as well, making any mistakes that you make all the more dangerous. If you die, you are given the chance to revive yourself with common free to play microtransaction tactics.
Impossible Draw is definitely a different game, and it can be satisfying to draw things correctly. There is a learning curve (no pun intended) to the game, and at times it can be very frustrating when you don’t draw things “correct enough”. But the graphics and presentation are solid and inviting, even if the model of the game isn’t.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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