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Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2
Pumped BMX 2

Review Pumped BMX 2

Kevin Vadala
Amazing tricks, good controls for the most part
Graphics look a little muddy
Pumped BMX 2 for Android is a biking trick game, where you launch your character off ramps
to achieve high scores. The game is physics based, and similar to other games where you control the tilt of your character and try to do tricks. The difference with Pumped BMX 2 is that the tricks are on steroids. That is, there are a lot more tricks to do; and the game isn’t about racing or any of that platforming nonsense (which can sometimes be fun, as evidenced in my review of Bike Rivals).
Tricks in Pumped BMX 2 are a lot like tricks in real life, at least in terms of physics. The game is very good about knowing when you can’t land something in terms of the 2D mechanics. It’s not as detailed as something like Tony Hawk, where you can land a sloppy trick sometimes. Occasionally, it almost looks like you could have landed it very slightly, but not all the way. Regardless, if you play the game risky like I did, you will find yourself eating the dirt quite often.
Controls in Tricks works great for the most part. My favorite part of the controls is the direction control and pump mechanics. You can make you rider lean backward and forward with the gyroscope, which works as well as I’ve seen it in other games. Then you can also hold pump, then release it at key moments like at the launch point of a ramp. The interplay between these two gameplay mechanics is quite fun, and actually makes backflips fairly easy to land and very satisfying. Now try doing a trick with a back flip! That is where the difficulty lies. Tapping a direction on the left control stick performs a trick, which can feel a bit hard to do without the proper use of a tactile button.
Pumped BMX 2 has good level design as well with different assortment of ramps and unique looking levels. The graphics in the game don’t look amazing, but they get the job done while managing to look slightly cartoony and cheap. If you are looking for a biking game with trick mechanics, this is the one to play. You can do gyro spins, flips, super-mans, turnovers; and a whole bunch of other tricks I can’t even remember the name of.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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