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Starry Nuts
Starry Nuts
Starry Nuts
Starry Nuts
Starry Nuts
Starry Nuts

Review Starry Nuts

Sergei Petrov
Starry Nuts - it's very simple and fun arcade game for Android, in which we will catapult to bats. Evil bats attack our den with a single purpose - to steal, valuable fireflies that light up the dark forest.
Parallel with the plot feel Angry Birds Space ? For the first time running the game and the first thing he saw slingshot, we immediately feared that we will have another stupid clone, but we fortunately mistaken. The game proved to be extremely successful arcade shooter, it is not similar to the well-known product from Rovio.

Geimpley and management

At each level, Starry Nuts on us start down bats. We, driving force and direction of the shot, try to knock the bats with a slingshot, until they got to the fireflies.
If you shoot sighting, then one shot can blame just two, three and even four mice, because here, the laws of physics, departing from a slingshot nut necessarily fly back. Basic shells (nuts) have virtually unlimited, so that you can shoot just like a machine gun. A little later we will be in the arsenal of advanced missiles that the air will be scattered in several parts, as buckshot.
As soon as the bat gets to the firefly, she grabs his legs and begins to fly away with him back. On the way back, we still have a chance to knock back the missing mouse and firefly. If all three fireflies kidnap and fourth mouse fly to the hole in the tree, then the level will not end in our favor.

Features Starry Nuts:

  • Several species of bats (fast, agile, strong, etc.);
  • Purchase and improvement of projectiles;
  • Exciting fights with big bosses bats;
  • Beautiful and high quality graphics;
  • Atmospheric sound;
  • Geimpley fascinating.
All in Game 6 episodes, each of which consists of 6 levels. At every level, we will be given a unique reference (make combos, knock three mice at once, and so on). At the end of each level will fall from heaven, stars, who need to quickly bring down to get extra points.
Summary. Starry Nuts - this is a very high quality and interesting arcade game for Android, which can be downloaded for free on our website or in Google Play. If you like simple arcade and taymkillery, this game you will love it. So find flaws and failed, it is a good strong middling. Even the built-in game purchases do not bite as easily stuffed star passing levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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