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Space Brothers
Space Brothers
Space Brothers
Space Brothers
Space Brothers
Space Brothers
Space Brothers
Space Brothers

Review Space Brothers

Kevin Vadala
Classic arcade gameplay
Microtransaction based game
Space Brothers for Android is a freemium game in which you shoot oncoming ships from the comfort of a huge stationary mech-tank thing. Inside the mech (or is it a turret? Whatever it is, it looks pretty damn cool) is your character, who operates a turret (a turret in a turret?) that you shoot oncoming ships with. The game plays like an arcade shooter, except you don’t move your ship from left to right. The game plays top-down horizontally, and you can’t move your ship, because its a... well, some sort of turret-mech-ship-tank-thing.
Space Brothers has a lot of intense manly country-boy style. Everything about the game just feels macho, hence the name and emphasis of “brothers”. Where are the women? Anyway, you spend your time in the game navigating through menus and various missile upgrades until you get to a minimap where you chose your destination. This usually looks the exact same as the last level, and in fact doesn’t so much feel like a different level as a simple continuation of the last level, with a pause in between to do your “upgrades”. Yes, your upgrades that are fueled microtransactions, some of which can only be purchased through diamonds; which require real money. What did you expect?
Shooting ships in the game is pretty fun, and it controls well. You just tap your finger or drag your finger to shoot at the oncoming ships, which explode in small fiery clouds. There are different powerups which increase the width and firepower of your weapons as well, for short periods. You can also increase your weapons in a similar, albeit more permanent fashion, by buying the upgrades in the shop.
Space Brothers is a light and fun space shooting game with some very interesting visuals. I like the idea of the game, and while it doesn’t provide much depth, I could see players getting roped into buying more upgrades and such through microtransactions.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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