Under Fire: Invasion
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Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion

Review Under Fire: Invasion

Brandon Girod
Interesting mix of base building, tower defense, and RTS games, lots of base customization and upgrade paths, no gameplay limitations based on resources
Low-res graphics, lack of mission diversity
Under Fire: Invasion for Android invites you to try and save the human race that’s on the brink of extinction. These bug-like aliens have taken over and the world is in complete dismay. In order to save what’s left, you’ll have to make allies to lead an assault against these alien invaders.
I think the premise for the game is interesting, although we’ve all seen plenty of games where aliens threaten humanity’s existence. This game has some interesting plot points to engage you with. Ultimately, the plot is probably not going to be the part of the game that drives you to completing it though.
Most of the missions play out similarly. You’re either defending something, or your troops are going on the offensive. You don’t really have any control over where your troops go or how they defend. They’re normally dropped in from pods, which act as towers, and your troops pretty much stick to that area until the game scripts them to go into a different direction. You don’t have much hands-on controls, but you do get to pick what power-ups they’ll, use and where to launch “commander” actions. These range from launching missiles to bombs.
The base building aspect is where you have a bit more control, because you’ll be choosing units to build, resources to produce, and technology to resource. In this sense it becomes a bit more like a traditional RTS game.
I enjoyed my time with Under Fire: Invasion mostly because it just felt like a more complete game than what you typically have on a mobile platform. There was depth, the story wasn’t a complete wash, and there were interesting things to do. That said, the game does suffer from performance and stability issues. I had it crash a few times and it freezes at certain points for a second or two.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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