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Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe
Lazy Swipe

Review Lazy Swipe

Brandon Girod
Responsive gestures, offers lots of flexible features, allows you to quickly access apps at the flick of a finger
Wants root access for system tools
Lazy Swipe for Android is a unique app launcher that doesn’t completely take over whatever stock or third party launcher you’ve currently got installed. I’ve seen it included in a few other launchers before, but this is a standalone app, which I think is infinitely better.
To enable the app you have to open it from your app drawer and go through through the setup process. This mainly consists of a short tutorial showing you how everything works. At the end it asked for root access to my phone. I wasn’t able to use the app until I granted it root permission, though I’m not sure how that plays out on a non-rooted device. Your mileage may vary. What root permission does is give the app access to basic quick toggle settings, so I’m not exactly sure why it asks for it. That’s always a red flag in my book.
The app itself is easy to use and responsive, though. The default gesture is from the bottom right, but it’s smart enough not to be in the corner, otherwise you’d probably hit one of the bottom buttons while activating it. You can change where the hot spot is, but I never had any problems with it interfering in everyday usage.
The launcher is kind of like a pie control interface, where it fans out and you can select from either system tools, recent apps, or your favorite apps. It can be accessed from any app, and no matter where you’re at on your phone.
I found the idea of Lazy Swipe more a novelty than anything else, to be honest. I can see how it might save some time for others who get into the habit of using it, and it does work well; but most of my apps are accessed through folders and icons on my homescreen.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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Write a comment...i dont use shareit in my phone
Brandon Girod
Thanks for the comment!
it's not supported in android 2.1+
Tariq Abdulla
that's right, you need at least Android 4.0 and up for this app
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