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My Kingdom for the Princess 3
My Kingdom for the Princess 3
My Kingdom for the Princess 3
My Kingdom for the Princess 3
My Kingdom for the Princess 3
My Kingdom for the Princess 3

Review My Kingdom for the Princess 3

Sergei Petrov
My Kingdom for the Princess 3 - this is the third part of the famous arcade simulator of the Russian company building Nevosoft. While usually the word "software developer" means something incomprehensible or downright ridiculous, in this case, it is very high quality and solid product. Otherwise, how can release three of the game, and get all the good reviews.
The first thing to say is mandatory: it is a game only for tablets! Theoretically, the developers are free to make a version for smartphones, the benefit of the flagship models now permit displays are identical tablet. But, apparently, because the game is ported the PC version, the developers simply do not have to complicate their task and optimize the game for a small display. On the other hand, it is very nice, because the game made exclusively for the tablet can be counted on one hand. But the iPad are more than 250,000, it is necessary to catch up!

Geimpley and management

By the screenshots may seem that this game - another builder or manager, in the spirit of Townsmen or Paradise Island , but it is not so, because there is a fundamental difference. We do not decide where and how to build a building, but only contribute to the building site already prepared.
The game is divided into multiple levels, each of which begins with a complete mess. Villages in the doldrums, the road littered with trees, forests scurry wolves, and in general, all is not colorful. Our task is to clean up an iron hand, to repair all the buildings, get rid of the wolves, to correct current problems and get valuable artifacts. We do all this for a reason, and the pursuit of the goal to get the most coveted in the world princess, only for that we need to clean up the whole area and get ahead in the two older brothers.
The process of the game is that we provide a subordinate to the specific tasks that they immediately fled to perform for food or money. That is, if we have two employees, the same time we can only perform two tasks. Classic slogger able to repair buildings, cut wood, clear away debris and are willing to work for food. But hunters specialize and hunt different predators solely for the money.
The key assessment at the end of any level - is the time spent in transit, so it is always important to choose the best way to achieve the objective and competently manage the available resources.

Features of My Kingdom for the Princess for Android:

  • The original idea and execution;
  • Fully Russian localization;
  • Pleasant sound design;
  • A large number of additional mini-games;
  • Balanced game difficulty.
Summary. My Kingdom for the Princess 3 - it is a very nice and rich mix of puzzle, strategy and arcade game in which you can play for hours on end, not noticing the time. Release a version for Android in two versions: free trial and paid version. In order not to lose the progress you can buy the full version for free directly from the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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