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Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus
Fist Of Jesus

Review Fist Of Jesus

Brandon Girod
Fight zombies with Jesus, lots of cool items and powerups
Bad movement controls, suffers from a large difficulty spike
Fist of Jesus for Android lives up to its ridiculous name. If you ever wanted to play a side-scrolling brawler involving Jesus and zombies, then this is your game. Your old disciple, Lazarus, has come back from the dead, and started raising all the dead around him. It’s up to you to put the filthy undead back in the dirt.
I’ve got to admit, this game suffers from overly sensitive controls. The struggle is real when you try to walk Jesus where you want him. You’ll often overshoot where you want to go, not move at all, or not turn around when you don't need to. The game also suffers from a crazy difficulty spike at the beginning of the game. You can basically sleepwalk through the first two levels, but you’ll quickly find yourself absolutely drowning in zombies in the next ones.
Bad controls aside, the game is still pretty fun. The fighting is good and fluid. The level designs are limited, though. It’s basically like interchangeable stadiums because the backdrops change, but the layout remains the same.
As you progress through the levels you’ll gain coins that you can use to purchase upgrades. Jesus may have been perfect in God’s eyes, but he’s got plenty of room for improvement down here.
Fist of Jesus is a fun brawler, but the controllers really hinder it’s lifespan; at least on my phone. On the one hand, I really enjoyed watching Jesus quell an undead uprising. On the other, Jesus was just too hard to control.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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