Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
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Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest

Review Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest

Brandon Girod
Good visuals and animations, lots of different settings and environments
Boring and repetitive gameplay, lack of depth, no long-term goals or longevity
Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest for Android is a crude test in patience. You are, essentially, a treasure hunter who does what any treasure hunter would do - hunt treasure. The game features a multitude of different environments and sub-stories for each environment that will have you spinning slots for hours.
I’m not a gambler and I’ve never played slots, but I can understand the appeal. You’ve got some money and you’re hoping to turn that money into more money. Easy concept. This game takes that same concept, but excludes the reward. Slots aren’t fun to really play on their own, so why make a game about slots that has no reward?
Instead of winning real money, you win fake treasure in this game. That fake treasure rewards you with cash. You need that cash to continue playing the slots to hunt for more treasure. The biggest issue here is that you can continue playing the slots after you run out of money.
The odds are just as stacked against you in this game as they are in a real casino. There were a few times where I needed just another piece of treasure to complete my objective and it just didn’t show up. So I would then sit, spinning the slots, penniless.
You do gain levels as you play slots and move on to new locations, but these new locations are just a new backdrop and another type of treasure to hunt. Level up enough, and you can move on to a completely new stage which is a new environment and more new treasure.
There are a lot of aspects about Slot Raiders - Treasure Quest that I just can’t get on-board with. The core gameplay element is simple, but not engaging or fun. There aren’t any real rewards, and your only progression earns you new backdrops and the ability to play slots for new fake treasure.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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