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Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals
Bike Rivals

Review Bike Rivals

Kevin Vadala
Fantastic controls, amazing levels
No significant shortcomings
Bike Rivals is a dirt bike trick game where you ride trails and try not to kill yourself. It has slick graphics, intuitive and easy controls, cool levels, and performs as a frustration free game. That means it’s easy on the ads and microtransactions.
Bike Rivals for Android, put simply, is a fun game. It’s not really unique concept by any means, as we’ve seen this type of game many times before in countless iterations (whether the main character is a skateboarder, a snowboarder, or even a biker in a line drawing game). However, Bike Rivals takes the best parts of its counterparts and introduces interesting gameplay mechanics that really tie into the levels and your experience.
The levels in Bike Rivals really need to stand out, and they do. Riding your bike over bumpy trails is fun and all, but its a lot more fun with loop-dee-doops. Then after a loop-de-doop, there are wooden walls to crash through, things to avoid, and then after you survive all that, your character and bike careens into the end of the level and gets slaughtered by rocks, or some sort of spinning blade (it depends on the level). Talk about comic relief eh?
I really like that there are special little gameplay mechanics, like holding both buttons to stop your bike and “charge” up your bike to have it zoom forward like a real dirt bike might. You get to do this just a few levels in to hop from floating barge to barge. This gave the game an immediate sense of realism. The physics of the bike make sense, and I felt just a little bit like a trick biker, hopping from object to object and maintaining the right angles.
Bike Rivals succeeds on many fronts, and graphically it's also extremely easy and pleasant to look at. The art is bright and colorful, outlined beautifully, and as I said before, levels look different, and play different as well. If you are looking for a physics type biking game; this is one to pick up.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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